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I like beautiful things. and bears. exit pursued by bear.

Wear Me

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things I make are marked with ka
it be like that sometimes

I have to remind myself every now and again “it be like that sometimes”.

I have to cowboy the fuck up and move on.


wrenhead replied to your post: So, lovely followers; I’ll be statione…

he is i’ve seen him on webcam he’s like something out of revelations

This young lady right here knows an omen of the end times when she sees one.


Bothell hell beast

So, lovely followers; I’ll be stationed in Bothell, Washington for the next few months. If you live near the area we should kick it and stare lovingly into each other’s eyes. Or whatever it is normal people do.

Catfish warning: I’m a three headed, acid spitting devil beast from a fiery hell chasm. You have been warned.

food nom
Late night omelette because that’s all there is. I’m also using knives as chopsticks because there aren’t any fucking FORKS IN THE KITCHEN.
Anonymous: You could be me nerd...

I’m not a chair sir/madam.

Also I don’t know if you’re on the list of people who could have their way with me whenever.

Very exclusive.

nerd it's wild out here in these streets defenestration perforation

I may be a nerd but be not mistaken; I will punch a motherfucker directly in the throat and I’m sexy as hell.

None of that Big Bang Theory tomfoolery.

Kristen Stewart
but it looks nice though :c

It gets to stay a while longer cause I have no charger :v