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I like beautiful things. and bears. exit pursued by bear.

Wear Me

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No, no, if you move problems to the side and ignore them they definitely fade from existence.



gpoy faerie
There was a harvest festival a few weeks ago that I volunteered at and I was a forest faerie .
india.arie serenade me chocolate goddess
Anne Hathaway

Smashed two pints in the space of about 10 minutes because I make wise life decisions.

Looking forward to the crippling effects of OCD rushing back in as sweet, numbing alcohol, is borne away on the quiet zephyrs of the night.

Fun Fun

brain isolation booty pink matter

This is your biennial reminder that your brain never sees, feels, smells, tastes or touches anything directly.

It just sits in a dark box and shouts at you to find food and shelter and touch a booty every now and again.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled tumblr porn.

Monica Bellucci






" Iggy Azalea Freestyles on Sway in the Morning "

I couldn’t even get past the second bar :/



what in the holy fuck hell?

(via refrigerator-art)

Three 6 Mafia making friends relax WE BRUTAL

I like to play some nice soothing Three 6, circa 2000, to prepare for interacting with other human beings.